This is an essential page for those who would prefer to use “drugs” and not “abuse” them.  The drug war  has made this goal a real challenge in every way. The prohibition of drugs has institutionalized their misuse and increased peoples ignorance of how to use them.  And then when people do “abuse” them the drug warriors will say “See how bad drugs are?”  They would have you believe there is no proper way to use them. Total fucking bullshit!!!
We’ve all seen tragic consequences of hapless people harmed by drug abuse. Good people turned bad by “drugs”. But have you ever noticed that all of these tragic cases have happened since “drugs” were made illegal.  Instead of drinking coca tea, coca wine, and real Coca-Cola as they did back in 1902–you find folks shooting up talcum powder, killing and robbing for a fix of crappy heroin, and gang wars and killings for drugs that would not have motivated the worst thugs to even yawn in public when they were legal.
Now I want to get to the meat of this page:    General guidelines for wise usage of a drug especially while they are illegal:
1) Inform yourself about the drug being used. Look it up and take the time to know what it is and what it can do. I strongly recommend  the Vaults of Erowid for such info. 
2) Consider why you want to use a drug and how you can wisely use it.
3) The effects of mixing various drugs.
4) The complications of usage while the drug war rages.
5) The concepts of moderation .
I know I’m being terse with the above guidelines but I want to get to the really good info that many folks haven’t even considered. Here goes below:!!!
1) Briefly familiarize yourself with the CENTRAL NERVOUS System. Also known as CNS. Left brain-right brain differences and functions. Briefly: Left brain: speech, math, digital processing of info, working and accomplishing tasks and so much more.
Right brain: pictures, analog thought, art, sex, sensory appreciation, music and so much more.
Now know this:   The CNS is cross wired through out your body–left brain –right body.   Right brain–left body.  But there is one exception to this—The nose.  Left nostril–left brain.  Right nostril–right brain.  Any ideas here?
I’m getting tired–need my ZZZZ’sss. Will be back to elaborate and caution you.