Rumors can be true , false, and usually somewhere in between. They can be useful too at times.  I will expound upon this much more when time allows.  For now; please let us know if you’ve heard any good rumors that need to be shared.

Here’s one for you:  I heard that Khat  (OMG–Save the children!!!!) is being grown in several central coast counties of California—now’s there’s something the cops need to check into.  At least a million dollar investigation!!!

Here’s another:  I heard that the “drug cartels” in Tijuana are paying kids to walk among the traffic returning to U.S. and as they do they swipe a big ole spliff  on car bumpers etc. to confuse dogs and create havoc.  OMG!! –another unintended result from our stupid drug war!!.  Is this True?  Geez–that’s just terrible.

I also overheard this:  That a certain weed, a thistle of some kind, is now being harvested in Central and Southern California and is being processed to make cocaine.  I also heard that this thistle(star?) contains slightly more cocaine and associated alkyloids than coca leaf.  That’s about all I heard and I didn’t feel comfortable asking questions. Could this be true?  Law enforcement should look into it before the word gets out.  $100,000,000,000 should do the studies.

I also heard that a “panga boat”  had overturned on Big Sur coast just recently and that the cargo has been floating ashore all the way to Pacific Grove and south to some extent too.  This one seems believable.