From the get go it’s been a rascist tool of oppression and will continue to be such until enough people realize that drug war is the very cornerstone for the oppression of minorities.  I just started this page(Dec. 2, 2014)  and have much to say but need more time.  In the meantime please feel free to comment on this foul facet of the drug war.

First check this video out:

The drug war’s rascist roots started when they outlawed coca and it’s wonderful extracts back in 1902. This was directed against black folk who have been victimized heavily ever since.
 Next was opium and it’s natural pain relieving extracts. This was directed towards the Chinese and oriental people in general. The Harrison Act was passed in 1914.  No one was stealing, robbing and killing for pain relief until this rascist law was passed!!!  Everyone goes to jail caught using this thousands of year old godsend. But not big Pharma and their hypocritic ilk–they’re free to make fortunes on their shitty pills!
Next was marijuana–  directed against Latinos and Mexicans.God’s herb criminalized in 1937. I won’t elaborate here. Suffice it to say millions, even billions of good folk have had their lives ruined by these rascist laws.
Much more to come here!