I can’t wait to bite them.  “They” are to blame for this mess as much as the  “law-givers! “.

From your local  and state television news to national and international newsfeeds and almost all movies and shows ;the media has been nothing but a mouthpiece of propaganda and misinformation concerning the drug war. They tow the drug war lies decade after decade  with cowardly disregard for the millions of lives they have and will ruin.
What will it take to bring the media to their senses? When and if we ever end the drug war, the media will have to go down in history as millions of gutless, cowardly, ignorant, illogical, and stubborn assholes who made some type of living with their twisted ,sensational, hype while dumbing down the masses.  They never link the crime and violence to drug war laws and prohibition, choosing instead to blame drugs, thugs, gangs and cartels for the ongoing insanity.
 I’m not saying there would be no crime if the drug war were ended and our botanical birthright was re-legalized, but you can be damn sure it would be substantially less! I’ll be writing more here soon.
OK–first some resources to fight with:
Media Awareness Project
Media Awareness Project Activism Center
And here’s an idea:   If you have a local T.V. station that has an editorial call in line, preferably a message machine, call them any time the drug war  news gets your blood boiling.  Try to be civil and succinct and don’t call too often–once or thrice a week is good. Let them know that they haven’t been reporting the real source of most the crime and violence—
Prohibition 2.
I like this:

Much More to come!!!