Some of the worst tragedies , idiocies  and boon-doggles  caused by Prohibition 2.   Where does one start?  It’s a long list—coming soon!

OK–I’m tired but I’ll  outline a few to get started here. Not necessarily in order of monumental stupidity.

#1) Operation Just Cause(Just cuz) in Panama about 25 years ago. Wherein the U.S. bombed and killed about 3600 innocent men, women, and children  in the apprehension of  Panama’s  CIA  constructed  ” drug lord”  Noriega. I remember the mainstream media all ra-ra-ra . They didn’t blink an eye at this. I thought and still think it was TOTAL fucking [email protected]!!!! Look it up if you don’t believe me!!!  But quite  OK with our media morons, politicians, the DEA, and associated ilk.  God I hope some people pay dearly for such madness.

2) Camel caravan massacre some 30 or so years ago as reported  on back pages of San Jose Mercury.  Turkish troops used U.S. made helicopters to machine gun every man, woman,  child and camel crossing a desert in or near Turkey.  THE REASON:  They were suspected of transporting hashish!! This pissed me off so bad I still can bearly write about it–it enrages me when I visualize it.  Thanks PROHIBITIONISTS—how could we ever extract justice from you scumbags?????

3)  Religious evangelists plane shot down by Peruvian air force some 15? years ago. THE REASON:  Suspected drug cargo.  None found. The lady’s  unborn child took a bullet and died. She lived I think–they somehow made landing in jungle.  MADNESS or what?  Someone or many should pay and pay. I don’t know any drug addict who could do such criminal craziness.

This list is endless and it agitates me so much I have to do it a bit at a time. Please folks–feel free to add to it in Comments below.  I have to take a break for now.