Welcome to end the drug war action center! It’s my first blog and it will take time to develop it. I welcome all comments, corrections,  and ideas on how to make it  better.                                                                                                                                                                                               This  This blog  is born of my hate, loathing and frustration with the insane, hypocritic, evil, senseless  and ruinatious drug war–the  longest and most costly war in history.  If you google “drug war” you will find scant support for it.  The majority of titles describe the “war on drugs” as a failure, as being rascist, as futile and wasteful, a replay of alcohol Prohibition, etc. ad nauseum.   I concur — this idiotic  war has no real redeeming values  and it pleases me that so many people know it for the disaster it is.

  But it doesn’t end!  It just grinds on year after year  mass producing crime, violence, and misery  for  most of the human  race.  A form of mass insanity institutionalized world-wide  and somehow tolerated  to this day.  The war on drugs must be stopped now and we all need to take actions to kill it .  It will not die unless we slay it.

  And thus: THE ACTION CENTER. A place where we can brainstorm  ways and means to expedite an end to this mindless Holocaust.  I’ve seen many  websites that report the current drug war follies such as DRCnet and Peter Guithers wonderful Drug War Rant.com.  And Leap(Law Enforcement Against Prohibition). They’re all great websites — even a brief read should convince  most thick-headed prohibitionists and drug warriors that the war on drugs is wrong in every way.

These websites do encourage folks to fight for their dwindling freedoms.  The problem is that people need a forum to discuss strategies and tactics  they can use to make ACTIONS!   Action  makes traction and  only actions, large and small,  stand a chance of ending this madness.  Please join us; share your comments, suggestions, and ideas on what  we can do to make rapid and righteous progress to end the drug war.