International End the DrugWar Saturdays 

I propose we designate the second Saturday of each and every month as a day of protest, demonstrations, and marches to End the Drug War.  Local and statewide  activites in every country that allows peaceful protest! Bring your friends, family, and neighbors to any public venue that seems reasonable. Organize a march and bring your protest signs, literature, food and goodies, and be heard and seen. Alert the media a few days beforehand and lets make a commotion.
  I know this might take some time to grow but we’ve got to start somewhere and build it up month by month !!!   Please help me get it going!  And please  let others know of your plans in comments you can post anonymously right here.         

 Let us know of any events, benefits, and concerts  and include all pertinent details: What, Where, Why, Whom,When, How, How much, etc.  !!!!!