I have great hopes of organizing this site to  motivate and invigorate us freedom fighters to take well defined and directed actions against this senseless madness that oppresses  and harms a great majority of humankind. So here I go:

I think we first need to acknowledge the colossal extent of this world-wide drug war .  I date it’s birth around 1902, the year they took cocaine out of Coca-Cola.  Oh I know  they were burning  opium pipes  long before 1902– and religiously killing  witches and others for their use of certain drugs  at the dawn of recorded history.    My point is that the drug war has exponentially grown in the last 112 years to terrorize  every human on the planet. It has become institutionalized in every country and state.  It constantly evolves and  becomes  an intractable and ever more destructive entity. It is  supported by so many agencies, organizations, groups, and established  sectors of society that it has become accepted as the normal way of life- no matter the carnage it produces.  But let’s not dwell on the devastation  this contrived monstrosity has snowballed into right now. Suffice it to say: dismantling the drug war will be a herculean task for some time to come and it will surely not go away without  well thought out  planning and ACTIONS.

Many folks, including me, have  thoughts that  this draconian prohibition  is beginning to crack and dissolve  with events like medical marijuana, legalization in Washington, Colorado, Uruguay, and Portugal .  Yeah,  glimmers of hope continue to flicker in our eyes , while the monstrosity pretty much continues to grind down the lives of billions, every day, in every  conceivable way.  The WOD (war on drugs) is an entrenched institution–very hard to kill–and it needs to  be forced into oblivion. So what’s to do???

That’s the trillion dollar question and it’s going to take me months to develop this page so please bear with me. In the meantime I’d welcome your comments  concerning the subject—post your comments below.

More to come!!!