Just getting started here too–give me time–feel free to suggest some.
One of the first boycotts would be tourism to any and all countries that have the death penalty “for drugs”!! How insane, cruel, inhumane, and barbaric;   can you get?
A list of these countries can be found here:
Country Charge(s)
 India Option when second conviction for drug trafficking in quantities specified.[1]
 Malaysia [3]
 North Korea
 Saudi Arabia
 Sri Lanka
 United Arab Emirates
 United States Very large quantities or mixtures of heroin, cocaine, ecgonine, phencyclidine (PCP), lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), marijuana, or methamphetamine.[4][5][6] The United States Supreme Court in Kennedy v. Louisiana struck down capital punishment for crimes that do not result in the death of a victim, but left open the possibility for “offenses against the State” – including crimes such as “drug kingpin activity” (and treason and espionage).[7][8]


Television:  I ‘d have to say that boycotting shows and propaganda pieces such as COPS,   Drugs, Inc. by Nat Geo,  Intervention,  the slew of Jail time shows, you know the crap—it’s ra,ra,ra for the cops and the drug war but does nothing for me but boil my blood.  I don’t–I literally can’t— watch this  idiotic propagandistic slophole  filth.
  And neither should you—it’ll just make you nauseous, raise your blood pressure, and it could even dumb you down in time!!!

There’s much more to boycott–more to come!!!