As a long time observer of this cruel and insane drug war– I won’t be satisfied with just ending it.      No,  I think we need to punish, to varying degrees,  those we can find and arguably judge to be complicit in it’s evilness. Like the war criminals they are.  The reality is that many of the founders of prohibition 2 are already dead—not just brain dead!

Why so vindictive?          So this lunatic witch-hunt never happens again(or atleast for a couple thousand years)!!!!!       I can see being heavy-handed with some of them.  Punishments to include asset seizure, public humiliation, and jail time.

Now this is a complicated and difficult subject.  I’m not advocating violence or illegality.  But I am for justice and reparations to the billions of people victimized by Prohibition 2.  Check out “Victims” page on top menu.  Makes you think some idiots should bear the blame!!!

Here’s a fun list of prohibitionist dingbats courtesy of Peter Guither at Drug War Rant—again!!!  Thank you Peter!!!

Who’s Who in Drug Prohibition